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About us

M100-75 and First China Oil , is a structured international partnership based in the United Kingdom. Specialize as Mandate / facilitators / Agents in Oil and Gas
In addition the company, has strong ties in both Metals and Gold.

We facilitate the sale of Crude Oil as well as such as D2, D6, / Jet Fuel,/  Mazut, /Heavy Fuel Oils,/ LNG, LPG, and more.

M100-75 and First China Oil Group is a powerful integrated company specializing in the PETROLIUM industry, securing strong business links around the world in Oil, & Gas
Our activities are based on the principle of providing today's buyers commodity they are seeking, in the shortest time possible and at the most competitive prices available in the Global market. This is possible to accomplish only by matching legitimate, financially end-buyers, directly with legitimate Title Holders, Refineries that are capable of providing desired commodity to our buyers.

A super orchestrated professional team of a talented group of people having over a 100 years of experience some 12 international appointed agents representatives located worldwide, is at your service.

This network allows us to provide a full range of products from around the world.
M100-75 and First China Oil are committed to becoming  a leader in the Oil, Gas industry, with a long-term vision and to contribute to the world’s ever growing economy.
Our goal is to maintain a global perspective; however the world is too big to cover ourselves, that why we have appointed some 12 highly skilled representative agents,to work with us and give the buyers a better coverage. There is no better way than to have a man on the ground in that country.

In addition, we also assist these agents from time to time, when they need product, its another form of win win co operation.

These people act for us on many different tasks, such as meeting face to face with the actual buyers as well seller in that country.

If we are able to meet each buyer then we build trust with them and give assurance that the seller is real and at the same time ensure the seller the buyer is also real.
As you are aware, some Sellers don’t always play by the rules, they have there own agenda, they issue the offer and know they cannot delivery. Default takes place for a number of reasons, such as financial, or the cannot secure product,/ or its scam offer. The list of excuse is too long to list.

The same applies to the Buyer, in many cases the buyer is saying one thing and doing another. Most of the time there finances are in doubt from the start, but as long as they can secure the end user / exit buyer, they go for it, and in the end it’s a domino effect, one falls & every one looses, everyone…… Cowboys are doing this all the time. This is the reason for a face to face meeting to ensure both sides can perform.

Recently our due diligence officer, has found many sellers of dubious dealings, which causes untold harm to a serious buyer, who have committed to the so called sellers offer.

That’s why its paramount to check and double check both buyer and seller in every transaction.

Together we need to build trust as professionals in every transaction this ensures that both buyers as well the seller can make clear judgments.

Confucius said, “Do not do to others that you would not want others doing to you".

If you apply this Golden rule to our everyday life,  then we can move forward with confidence, it does work.

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