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Verification of Buyers

As the buyer, initially you have no idea, who the sellers is, and visa versa ,therefore its our job to convince the seller that you have a suitable buyer and have the financial ability to move forward and purchase the product. With your help we can achieve this. Again we need your help.

If you are really serious and wish to purchase product, we will assist you in every way we can, providing there is transparency and trust, in our dealings without this we have zero.

In the past we had Cowboys, flippers, braggers and so on All have achieved ZERO result WHY? No trust no transparency If you want to happen then you DON’T,need to come to us.

Most buyers and sellers do not trust each other. Together we can break down this miss-trust between all parties.  

Therefore, we will need following documents from the buyer / signatory. Any qualified buyer who is interested in further cooperation should not have any problems presenting the following documents:

  • ICPO / LOI inserting the seller’s procedures as per the initial offer.
  • Company profile of the Buyer  ( Note a web site )
  • The name of Signatory and copy of his passport
  • Company name, residential address, registered office, fax, web, e-mail, phone, mobile
  • The name of the Buyers Bank / info.

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